A collection of some of the bumpers, indents, intros, end cards and more that I’ve created with DEFY Media. DEFY owns some of the most popular properties in the digital space including Smosh, Break.com, Clevver, MadeMan, and Screen Junkies

“Epic How-To” Intro

design, motion
Intro created DEFY Media’s new show “Epic How-To” Motion design and Animation by Robert L Poole

Inside DEFY Studios Tour

cinematography, editing, motion
Very few people will actually visit DEFY Media’s studios, so we put together a guided tour for the 2016 New Fronts presentation.

“MadeMan Handcrafted” Bumper

Updated bumper for MadeMan shows to reflect the channel’s new branding. Talent & Animation by the brilliant Tyler Koeller

“Break Presents” Bumper

direction, cinematography, compositing, motion
Bumper created to go in front of DEFY’s newest shows. Hand modeling by the amazing Ryan Goto

“Gentleman Up” Intro & Supporting Graphics

design, motion
See the full spot here: http://www.mademan.com/guys-can-better-rob-riggle/

“Man At Arms” YouTube End Card

cinematography, design, compositing, motion
YouTube End Card designed for the AWEMe’s most popular show Man At Arms. And yes, that sweaty hand wielding a hammer is mine.