Brother’s Keeper

When a high school prodigy discovers he’s been cheated out of a vital college scholarship, his last resort is to hold court with a secret group of the city’s most influential men. Acceptance by the club means admission to any college of his choosing, but it will come at the cost of a brutal initiation. Starring Marc John Jefferies (Get Rich or Die Tryin’) and Brandon Hirsch (The Baxters, Atlanta)  Watch Now

The Exchange

Desperate to save his marriage, Brian seeks the help of a mysterious man who is known to “fix” situations like his for a hefty fee. Starring: Michael Beach (Sons of Anarchy, Third Watch), Aml Ameen (Yardie, Sense 8, Maze Runner), and Mekia Cox (Once, Key & Peele). Watch Now


In Development

The Big League

When his grandmother’s condition becomes dire, a has-been running back accepts a cash offer to coach PeeWee football in a league controlled by drug dealers.

The Big League was the recipient of a script development grant from Tribeca Film Institute.