Fellini on Repeating Himself…

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“It’s true that I repeat myself and will continue to repeat myself. Indeed, I’ve always been a director, I’ve never changed occupation and I don’t intend to change. It’s like accusing a craftsman or an architect of continuing in his trade. We are often accused of repeating ourselves just when we are changing and growing. Writers and painters who constantly rework the same materials are respected, whereas a director who does is not. I don’t see what things Roma and Satyricon, or Amacord and Juliet of the Spirits have in common. I am always myself: however insatiable our curiosity might be, however much we might be able to increase it, a boundary is indispensable. Otherwise we risk going up in smoke, becoming cloud. Each person works alone in his own little garden. If my endowments really are exhausted, then I’ll do a film about exhaustion, repeating myself all over again.”

Word… thanks Fellini. Think I’ll go back and rework that Directing 3 Script…


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